Barrelhouse Online Workshop

Pretty excited to be doing this. It feels like I like the idea of literary journals more than actual publications. It seems like the ones with good writing are made by people who have no eye for design (writers) and their publications look too homey and grandfatherly. And I know that that shouldn’t matter, because it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

On the other hand, some of the well-designed ones I’ve seen are quite experimental. Not that I can’t hang, but who really wants to read four-hundred pages of stories that deconstruct narrative but offer nothing to take away?

Barrelhouse is one of few publications to achieve a good balance of both design and content (I’m always open to suggestions). They pick good artists and the writing is actually… fun (does it ruin my [little] literary cred to say that?). And anyone who promises free beer to contributors is okay in my book.

So yeah, I can’t wait to see what tricks they have up their sleeve. The ones that they’re willing to share, at least. I think there are a couple spots in the workshop still open, so…

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