Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Today is my good friend Lauren Mueller’s birthday and I was all “What can I get her?” Then I remembered that Fatboy Slim owed me so I called in the favor and he appeared on this mixtape that I made for her.

Tracklist (edited together into one giant track to prevent you from skipping the ones you hate AH HAHAHAHA!):

  • Fatboy Slim “Happy Birthday Intro”
  • Destroyer Chinatown
  • No Age Glitter
  • Weekend End Times
  • The Walkmen Angela Surf City
  • The Thermals I Don’t Believe You
  • Cut Copy Blink and You’ll Miss a Revolution
  • Robyn Hang With Me
  • Lykke Li Get Some
  • Twilight Singers Gunshots
  • Lemonade Lifted (Le Chev Reunion Tour Remix)
  • Bear in Heaven Beast in Peace
  • Mndr I Go Away
  • Fatboy Slim “Outro”/Rockefeller Skank

Download it or stream it from here. Happy birthday, Lauren!

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