Last Night on Earth (final cover)

There it is, folks.

It was barely over a year ago that Justin and I were drinking whiskey on my front porch, and he was telling me about his idea for a book. It was an idea that we’ve all thought about – what would you do with 24 hours to live?

We wanted to go further than an creating an anthology–we wanted to create a crowd-sourced book that followed a singular, narrative arc. We had pretty specific rules:

  • Try to write a scene that takes place during one particular time of the day. This will be much easier for us to edit into the final product than if you write a story that spans the entire day. If you do need to use different moments in time during the last day, try to break them up into smaller separate scenes. We’ll be arranging the final stories in a chronological order that takes the reader through the entire last day on earth, and are able to revisit your story at multiple points throughout the book.
  • The recurring idea that has arisen from discussing the concept over the last two years is that for most of us, we only appreciate parts of our lives when they’re over. By knowing we are going to end, we’d actually notice and value how we live, once the expectation of “a future” is removed. You do not have to agree or follow that idea, but I thought it worth sharing.

A recap of the general rules of the world and our time-line:

  • No mass hysteria.
  • No available air travel.
  • The end will come suddenly but painlessly, shortly after midnight / during early morning in the dark hours.
  • The roads, depending on where you are, may be clogged with traffic but are open.
  • It is never specified how the end of the world is coming.
  • Phones connect sporadically.

I’m thrilled with the amount of talent in this book. We are on our third round of editing, and we have a pretty good idea of how the book is turning out. I’m just going to say that you should be pretty excited.

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