That one time I was on 20/20

I was on 20/20, talking about the mail.

It was a pretty sudden/random thing to happen. The night before, I got an email from a producer at ABC and after we talked for a bit, he told me that he was going to send a cameraman over to my house the next morning at 6:30 am (the piece was airing that night).

The interview process was a little strange: the cameraman set up to make it look like I was talking to someone. Really, the ABC producer (based out of NY) was talking to me on a speaker phone, while I gave my answers to my light switch (my point of focus).

Despite my experience in front of a camera, I found the whole thing pretty nerve-wracking and I caught myself talking in cluster bursts of words–an annoying trait I take on whenever I get nervous. My vocabulary becomes similar to a pull-string engine that’s almost getting started. After the cameraman left, I was sure none of the footage I gave them would be usable.

Honestly, 20/20 is one of those cultural staples that I ultimately know nothing about–kind of like 60 Minutes or Dateline. As I sat down to watch the show, I had no idea how inflammatory/sensational it is (has it always been this way?). I had this short, intense fear that they were going to edit me to look like this Simpsons clip, or make me look like a crazy postal worker. I think I said so many contradictory things during that interview that they could’ve easily done that.

But they were kind with their editing… I mean, to the extent that any sort of self-conscious person can stand to watch or listen to themselves.

Take a look at it here!

5 thoughts on “That one time I was on 20/20

      1. Or sorry, caps lock was on. I meant anyone accusing me of crushing packages: I don’t want to hear it.

  1. You’re like a superstar delivery man!

    I’d honestly never seen videos like this of delivery men throwing packages. I’ve ordered a lot of things and had a lot of packages delivered. I don’t think a single one of them has come in bad shape, or not arrived. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with delivery people.

    I’ve actually thought it’s kind of amazing. How many people handle my package before it gets to me? How many trucks and facilities does it pass through? And never once have I gotten a package that was damaged? It seems kind of amazing that the system works so well, and so reliably, when there’s potential anywhere along the line for damage or loss.

    All the delivery people I’ve known, from the post office and UPS and FedEx, have seemed really relaxed and friendly. I vote *thumbs up* for the delivery people who bring me so many goodies.

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