UPDATE: Black Candies line-up announced (meet the new ladies)


Update: Damn. This has truly been a humbling and exciting (if slightly overwhelming) experience. I received so many good submissions from women horror authors that I felt I had to be extra critical of what would fit best with the theme/other stories, or else it’d turn into a behemoth that neither time, budget, nor space would allow. 

Super big thanks to Roxane Gay, Natanya Pulley, and anyone else who tweeted/facebook’d it. 

Meet the new ladies of Black Candies (in bold)

Black Candies – “See Through”


Sarah Jean Alexander
Ken Baumann
Aaron Burch
Juliet Escoria
Sarah Rose Etter
Julia Evans
Lindsay Hunter
Jac Jemc
Rory Kelly
Cameron Pierce
Anna Prushinskaya
Natanya Ann Pulley
Jim Ruland
Camie Schaefer
Joshua Emerson Smith
Zack Wentz
Jay Wertzler
Adrian Van Young

Plus a couple more writers who don’t think deadlines apply to them (still love you!)

(old plea):

But here’s the thing: I want more ladies. Lindsay Hunter, Juliet Escoria, Jac Jemc and Natanya Ann-Pulley are among my favorite writers right now, and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to include them in this issue, but the scales are still imbalanced. I would hate for the rag I founded to be known as a boys’ club—I don’t want pull a New York Review of Books here—but I also don’t want this to be a diplomacy thing. I want this to be a remedy. I feel there’s a large hole in my education, and that I haven’t been as active in seeking female voices in the alt-horror/speculative/dark fiction realms as I should. I know it’s out there.

So if you’re a lady, and you think your writing would make anyone feel weird or uncomfortable, I want to read it. If you have something that you haven’t had luck at submitting (because we all know finding a home for this dark shit can be difficult) send it to me.

Reminders: theme is “See Through”. Interpret that how you want. No real word limit, but 1,500—6,000 words is ideal. Send to ryancraigbradford@gmail.com.

Extended deadline: Aug. 15 (no boys allowed)

6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Black Candies line-up announced (meet the new ladies)

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no pay for contributors at this time—all our budget goes to printing.

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