2018 things I liked and did

Favorite books I read this year

How to Set Yourself on Fire by Julia Dixon Evans

A Light No More by Robert Kloss

How to be Safe by Tom McAllister

The Electric Woman by Tessa Fontaine

Meet Me in the Bathroom by Lizzy Goodman

Job of the Wasp by Colin Winnette

The Third Hotel by Laura van den Berg

Favorite albums/music I heard this year

boygenius was my favorite album

Here are my favorite songs:


Favorite movies I watched this year: 







Favorite TV shows

The Terror

Channel Zero: The Dream Door


Sharp Objects 

Favorite things that I wrote this year


· “Baby’s first nuclear scare” for SD CityBeat – I was in Hawaii when we all got alerts on our phones about impending ballistic missiles. It sucked.

· “Swallow the pain away’ for SD CityBeat – A love letter to anti-anxiety meds.

· “The unfunny origin story of my Woody” for SD CityBeat – I won a nice humor-writing award from Society of Professional Journalists (yay), but the path to get it has been kinda sad.

· “This machine kills fascists” for SD CityBeat – interview with Tristan Shone from Author & Punisher, who makes insanely punishing and challenging music.

· “The Haunting (and Civically Responsible) Beauty of Halloween Stores” for Medium – Stoked to have sold this one to Medium. Feels like I’ve had an essay about Spirit Halloween stores in me for years, and finally had the opportunity to write it.

· “I Want Your Skull When You Die” for Wohe – Collab story with Julia Dixon Evans. Really loved how this turned out.

· “Terrifying Family Trauma Is the New Thing in Horror” for Vice – Got to dive into 2018’s best horror trend, analyzing House on Haunted Hill, Hereditary and Channel Zero. 

· “Croc Farm” for Monkeybicycle – Didn’t publish a lot of fiction this year, but I’m really glad I found a home for this one. Crocs, fragile masculinity, large knives.

· “The Husband Doll” for Paper Darts – PD is the best lit magazine and I’m always so honored to write their Halloween story.

· “TFW you may bought a haunted cassette tape” for this blog – Found a spooky tape and documented the strange occurrences that started happening when I brought it home.

Favorite horror anthology that I co-edited this year

I co-edited The Eighties with Julia Dixon Evans. Highly suggest you check it out.

Favorite band I played drums in this year

(I also directed this video to our song “Skull Drive”)





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