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  1. Ryan,
    Did you say you had 25 years at the Post Office?I was not sure I read that right.Anyway,sorry the Post Office dismissed you.Good luck in the future.Bill.

  2. Dude, I wish I discovered your blog on different circumstances. You have a talent, and great sense of humor. I shall be checking this place allot. ^^

  3. I’m a T-6 carrier in Renton, Wa and I just read your story in the SD reader- one of the other carriers printed it and left it in the break room today. Just wanted to say it was hilarious and I can relate to everything in it.
    If you still have the job I’d like you to know that it does get easier. Once you learn to accept the inherent illogic that is the Postal system, you’ll find that you don’t want to cry as much and you start taking 45 minute lunches despite having a two hour swing and collections. Just keep in mind that it is the US Government, so things rarely make sense.
    Still, I’d hate to be a PTF again (or TE). PTFs and TE are the postal bitches. We all had to go through it, but most of the older carriers selectively ignore what you’re going through and certainly can be complete dicks.
    Awesome article! Write more about the USPS- you’ve only touched on the tip of the iceberg. Trust me.

  4. I just read it, too. Every word is true when it comes to postal stupidity. I was one of 130,000 Injured on the Job employees who were walked off their jobs, “NO WORK AVAILABLE”, even though I was assigned a permanent limited duty assignment. There is a huge class action law suit over it. I keep up with what’s going on and there is just no end to what they think they can get away with. Like Aaron said, keep writing about the PO.

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