So Say We All

I currently serve as Creative Director (volunteer position) for So Say We All, a literary-arts advocacy non-profit. It has been my primary duty to establish SSWA as a recognizable brand within the community through print and web-based images, media coverage, and social media. Creating promotional design, leading educational writing workshops and curating live readings are also some of my duties as Creative Director.

VAMP (aisual arts, music, performance) showcase “Alternative Endings” photography and design, 2011

VAMP showcase “Heroes”, photography and design, 2011

VAMP showcase “Dirty Talk”, text and design, 2012

“Burn this Image” Film Showcase @ Space4Art, design, 2012

“Literary Death Match” reading series, design and text, 2011

So Say We All t-shirt design, 2012

Last Night on Earth, original cover design, 2012

The Lost Supper, original cover design, 2011

So Say We All business cards, design, 2011


“We Will Rock Q”- presented at the School of Rock’s “ABCs of Rock” showcase. Design, manipulation and text, 2011

“Reddi” – presented at SSWA’s “Best Of” showcase @ Habitat House. Photography and design, 2012

“Horror Business” – self-published novel, original cover design, 2011

Dinosaurs on Mars

Electronic pop from Los Angeles, CA. Original concept and album layout , 2012

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