The Disappearing Art of Post Offices


For a month after I stopped working at the Post Office, I found myself drawn to them like I was in a weird, abusive relationship-cycle. I began to take pictures of them to provide some… catharsis?… closure? I don’t know. Anyway, there’s no denying the how cool the typeface is on some of these.  Two of these are already shut down, which makes these pictures ready for the history books.


Spotlight on Clydestown

Did you ever want to know what goes into conceiving and producing a narrative story told in real-time using a calendar as a backbone?

Catch the Light, a site dedicated to showcasing artists around San Diego, has chosen to focus its spotlight on my and Jay Wertzler’s Clydestown Society of Mystery and Intrigue Presents: 2011, our ode to serial storytelling, multi-platform media and mysteries.

All the Dogs Want to Kill Me

Pictures taken while carrying mail in San Diego using one-time use, 400 ISO, 35 mm film (disposable, Rite Aid)

On the first day of training we watch an hour-long video about dogs and reading their language.

The mailman/dog relationship is no lie. It’s like they can smell it on you, a scent that triggers their hunting instinct. But the owners are worse. Opposite of owners who talk to their pets in baby voice are the ones who scold their pets as if they were aristocratic children.

"He won't bite you, but he will lick you to death," - Every dog owner.


Through the mail slot.